Thursday, October 15, 2015

Available mobile phone remote control blimp camera

For air vehicles, airship is certainly an important design inventions in human history, and it balloons the biggest difference is that it has to promote and control device for flight. Low energy consumption and long battery life, excellent carrying capacity is its unique characteristics, but airships could not become a popular flight vehicle, because it is affected by the safety. So we are now seeing more, are privately owned, or to business, entertainment and performances appear and not like an airplane, universal service and people.

Emami Design design the blimp camera (Zipper), at the bottom of the red balloon equipped with a sophisticated camera, it can be easily suspended in the air, and two mini engine are on their own direction and speed. By supporting the APP, you will be able to control it on a mobile phone and showing its captured content in real time, it is a precision motor-driven propeller Smartphone with a combination of odd. In addition, it also borrowed from the popular concept of the charging base of Apple products, usually, can be fixed on this pedestal, when needed, the base can treat water to get hydrogen, and the balloon to get the buoyancy, was filled with a sense of fashion and technology.

It is very versatile and can be used for film production, some not easy to shoot highlights its available, larger cameras cannot complete the task can have it replaced. And also serves as the flow monitoring system, because of its flexibility, can work in high traffic areas, such as department stores, Mall, train station or airport. If you think that it is only this capability, then you're wrong during the repair of pipes or wires cable, through which access to some places where people cannot enter, detection or use it to check the location of damage. It also combines the nanny's identity, if you want to see the Baby at night, then it was lazy and convenient tools.

Assembly in the balloon two precision electric motors and propellers, horizontal movement through the control processor, the processor, it can more Lin Luo and quickly change the height and direction of the propeller. Its 270 ° swing the camera can shoot, some near-impossible things, this is a completely new technology concepts, using technology to replace everything. Whether prior motion path and speed can be set through the operation or remote control, and it also allows 3D mode settings as well as interact in real time. It records all of the images and other information, can be used with smart-phones or other devices for wireless communication.

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